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DHSL Sand Filter ( Water Filter )

DHSL Sand Filter ( Water Filter )
Product Detailed

1 Sand filter ( Water Filter ): Water Treatment
2 Pre-Treament for water soft, water purify, deep/fine filter
3 2 layer filter

DHSL Sand Filter (  Water Filter  )




1. Application:        

a. Remove the suspended matter from the water. The system can be used as the pre-treatment machine for water treatment, such as salt-removal, water soft, water purification, and also for the deep water treatment, such as Acticarbon Absorb and Ion Exchange.

b. It helps remove the heavy metal Oxyhydroxide, purify the water, and get rid of the organics and bacteria in the water.



2. How it works:                              

When it is under operation, make sure the water inflow amount should not be over 50% of the regular water amount. The air comes in when the water flowing in the filter, thus the water will flow out from the tube, then the flow amount can be adjusted to the design flow amount. The raining-style blow head will pour the water evenly on the filter materials, and filtering the water layer by layer, thus the suspended materials will flow out gradually.

The clean water flows into the filtering layer from bottom to the top, start to back clean the filter materials. When the back Cleaning starts, the dirty water will be drained from the draining housing.



3. Advantages: 

a. Unique product structureRaining Style. It enlarges the filtering area, which improves the filtering result largely; can filter a larger amounts of dirty waters; easy to operate, and very safe for operation.

b. Low-Resistance Water Distribution System is used at the bottom of the filter. The system helps the back cleaning process become more effective and efficient, ensures no leaking of sand and no breakdown of the filter layers.

c. Automatic control system can be installed to ensure the atomization of the filtration system, from operation, turn on/ shut off, back cleaning.

d. The system can work 24 hours consistently without shutting down the machine or any component.

e. Even Filter Materials to ensure a stable filtering result. Filter Materials can be reused and recycled.

f. Takes small floor space.


4. Parameters:

Inlet and Outlet DN: Per customer request (50-300)

Inflow Turbidity: Less than 15mg/1

Outflow Turbidity: Less than 5mg/1


Filtering Speed: 7-10m/h(single layer); 10-12m/h(double layer)

Operation Pressure: less than 0.5Mpa

Back Cleaning Strength: 15L/m2. S (Single Layer); 12L/M2.S (double layer)

Back Cleaning Air Volume: 18-25L/M2.S

Back Cleaning Time: 4-6min

Standard: CJ/T 43-1999. CJ/T 44-1999, CJ/T 45- 1999

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